Here's some answers to commonly asked questions.

Does the app send an email or snail mail?
Snail mail. The app will send a 4" x 6" postcard in the mail to the address you select.
How is this different than using regular door hangers?
Door hangers have to be pre-printed with canned language. Each Limb Snap postcard is customized with a picture of the tree and custom messaging.
What about houses that have posted 'No Soliciting'?
As long as you don't go onto the person's property, there's nothing to worry about. This is no different than sending marketing mailers to an address list. You can send a postcard to any address you want.
How long does it take for a postcard to be delivered?
In the US it takes about 5 days for a postcard to be delivered. In Canada it's about double that time, 10-12 days.
Are we still charged if the postcard isn't delivered?
No. We track each postcard, and you won't be charged for any that are marked as 'undeliverable' by the post office.
Can we cancel a postcard after we've sent it?
You have a 24 hour window to cancel any postcard that you've sent.
Is there a monthly bill, or is it pay as you go?
You're only billed for the postcards that you buy. Postcards are bundled into packages with different rates. The bigger packages generally have better rates.
Is there an option to customize the messaging if I don't want to use one of the canned messages?
Yep! Simply tap on the 'message preview' when creating a postcard to customize your message.
Can I use this app for canvasing neighborhoods, or is it just meant as a one-off 'opportunity' postcard sender?
Yes! This app is great for canvasing a neighborhood. Walking or biking is a great way to get a lot of postcards out quickly.
Do postcards ever expire?
Nope! Once you purchase postcard credits, we'll hold them until you're ready to send, however long that may be.
What are the dimensions used for logos on the front / back of the postcards?
We automatically resize your uploaded logos so that they'll look good on a printed card. For best results, the front logo should be at least 650px by 650px and the back should be 200px by 200px. Drop us a note if you need help!